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  • #DragonCityTreeOfLife: We must find a way to bring the Primal Dragons...

    We must find a way to bring the Primal Dragons here, we need to see them! Pure, Legend and Primal Elements...Imagine how they would interact?! To summon Primal Dragons, Dragon Masters must join their power together! The Tree of Life connects all of the Multiverse, so Dragon Masters can connect through its roots! Stay tuned and find out how to bring the Primal Dragons back to Dragon City! Coming soon...

  • #DragonCityTreeOfLife: Summoning - Orbs and Warrior Chests!

    Follow our #DragonCityStory: Everything begins in the Dragonverse, a cosmic realm with perfect qualities for Dragons. In this place, I found Dragons that we could have never imagined... Start collecting Orbs to Summon new incredible dragons!

  • #DragonCityTreeOfLife: Gaia appeared!! Finally! She had found her way back home!

    Long ago, Gaia was a Dragon City deity like me!. She believed there was still a lot to explore in the massive multiverse… What did Gaia discover?

  • Kenny`s Tale: A story of Friendship and Forgiveness

    A new adventure has begun... Tower Island Event! Keeny needs you! By the way, what do you think might be the secret behind the golden seed?

  • The Relic Of Life: Sometimes dreams come true!

    Ready for a new adventure? Sometimes dreams come true...! A new secret inside our DragonCity world is about to see the light... a brand new #DragonCityStory inspired by one of our Dragon’s dream: The #RelicOfLife Event!

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